Black Diamond Behavior Consulting

Be the Parent Your Child Needs

Consulting and coaching for parents who want to help their child break through behavioral challenges.

Transform Behavior

Strengthen relationships

Enjoy a happier home

Parenting isn't easy

…and behavioral or emotional setbacks don’t make it easier.

This causes parents everywhere to experience:

Stress about their child’s development and actions
Anxiety about running errands, being in public, or judgement from others
Loneliness and doubting parenting abilities

The good news?

There is freedom on the other side of disruptive patterns and behaviors.

What We Offer

1:1 coaching and behavior consulting for parents in Arizona, Idaho, Utah and Wyoming to help you be at your best for your child.

Courses to improve your skills

COMING SOON: Self-paced courses taught by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

Community to strengthen you

Build relationships with parents who understand your journey in our tight-knit community.

1 on 1 coaching for personalized support

Get individual coaching tailored to you, your child, and your household.


10 years practicing in the field of ABA.

Has helped over 150 children overcome behavioral and emotional setbacks.

Licensed and Board Certified Behavior Analyst.


Paige Breeden

“As a mother, I understand how exhausting it can be to parent through trial and error. I started Black Diamond Behavior Consulting to help parents walk a less lonely road in their parenting journey no matter what stands in their way.”
Paige Breeden, M.ED, BCBA, LBA
Founder, Black Diamond Behavior Consulting


What others are saying

"In a short time, our daughter has progressed rapidly and [Paige] has helped us as parents learn how to communicate with our daughter with one-on-one easy, fun, and organized learning environments on our schedule."

Alan O'Regan, Parent

"They have helped us so much and my son improves more every day. Beyond grateful!"

Zen, Parent

How it Works

Go from overwhelmed to empowered with our 1 on 1 coaching.


First, we learn about you, your child, and the specific challenges you’re facing.


Create a plan

Next, we create a coaching plan designed around your family dynamic and unique obstacles.


Work together

We meet consistently to work your plan, gain momentum, and reach big wins.

Tension, isolation, and discouragement don't have to define your parenting journey

With the right support system and skills, you can help your child live a happy and fulfilled life.

Effectively communicate with your child

Improve the dynamic of your home and family

Maximize your impact as a family

In-person ABA therapy

Do you live in Phoenix? Are you looking for in-person behavioral services? We would love to work with your child in our North Phoenix office at Sonoran Learning & Behavioral Services.

Sonoran Learning & Behavioral Services